Spring manufacturers “Airedale Springs Ltd” premises Ebor Mill gone but not forgotten

The Merrall Spinning Co. originally owned Ebor Mill and with it Lees Mill in Haworth and other mills in the nearby village of Oxenhope. In 1885 Lees Mill suffered a terrible fire resulting in its complete destruction. Undeterred by the event the Merrall Company took the opportunity to rebuild Lees Mill and at the same time extensively enlarge Ebor Mill by providing a multi story building of approximately 47,000 sq/ft. With its numerous sites the Merrall Spinning Co. became one of the largest and most successful Worsted Manufactures in the country.

Airedale Springs Ltd bought Ebor Mill and most of the surrounding buildings and land in 1988 and has been privileged to be the custodian of this historic landmark until the terrible events of the 14th August.

Airedale Springs used 3 floors of the main building as its main production facility. On the same site, but not directly effected by the fire is our office block, the original Ebor Mill built in 1819.

Airedale Springs would like to thank local companies for their support during this difficult period. We would also like to thank and pay tribute to our staff. They have been un-waving in their eagerness to support our efforts in maintaining supplies to our customers. Despite the challenges of working in unfamiliar situations and with strange equipment they have without complaint done a fantastic job. Our offices are now in full operation with all communication links restored. We are renovating parts of the building and it will shortly be equipped with temporary production facilities.

We are eagerly awaiting the delivery of new CNC production equipment in late October when we shall be in a position to better fulfill the requirements of our customers. Through the excellent service and good reputation the Company has built over the years, many customers have stuck with us and we are very grateful for their support.

As time progresses the Company will continue to develop its manufacturing facility and we look forward to the completion of a new factory in due course. To all our current and future customers we wish to ensure you all that Airedale Springs will, once again, become a leading supplier of springs, pressings and wire forms in the country.

Watch this space; or rather continue to read our newsletters, and press releases which should over the coming months detail our rebuilding progress.

For more information visit, www.airedalesprings.co.uk