Stainless steel manufacturer Teknomek receives praise through customer survey

Europe’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel equipment and furniture, Teknomek recently conducted a visitor survey launched through its website in order to get feedback from its customers and understand how online user experience could be improved further.

Around 170 visitors from various sectors including Food Manufacturing, Public and Private Catering and Healthcare participated in the survey. Overall, 88 percent of participants were satisfied with the Teknomek website, with 84 percent saying they would put their reputation on the line and recommend Teknomek to a friend or colleague.

According to Teknomek, 82 percent of customers were satisfied with being able to find the right information, 78 percent were satisfied with Teknomek’s range of products. Consequently, nearly 80 percent indicated that they would come back and use the website in the future.

Furthermore, 99 percent of customers reported a problem free experience when using the Teknomek website and when asked to rate Teknomek’s performance against other websites, 99 percent of respondents said that Teknomek had the best website. This was mainly due to the ease of finding the right information from Teknomek’s extensive range of stainless steel products.

David Mitchell, Marketing Manager at Teknomek commented, “The results from our visitor feedback survey have been very encouraging and we now plan to further improve user experience for our web visitors via the feedback we received.”

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of catering stainless steel furniture and equipment, Teknomek provides high quality and cost-effective stainless steel solutions to industry hygiene requirements for all sectors such as pharmaceutical, catering and veterinary.

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