lighting company manufactures lED bulbs to offer more efficiency and satiate the requirement of regional retailers

Regional retailers must feel happy to know that they can now order LED bulbs from a lighting manufacturing company who design them to meet their various needs and business requirements.

The lighting manufacturing company offers an opportunity to all the small scale retailers to buy fluorescent light bulbs without any contract or at wholesale rate. This helps them pay less and earn more profit on compact fluorescent light bulbs. Energy Saver Lights, Inc is the name of the company and it offers small scale retailers and neighborhood stores green light bulbs to sell across the US (including Puerto Rico & US Virgin Island) and Canada. Energy Saver Lights, Inc. offers retailers with an opportunity to decrease the debt associated on lighting products that they order to sell in their stores and helps them increase their profit. This opportunity offered by Energy Saver Lights, Inc. is allowing retailers to buy more light bulbs in the same amount and hence earn more revenue. Due to the affordable rates of the company, it is rising in reputation and demand by every passing day.

Energy Saver Lights, Inc. product line consist of fluorescent, compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps that uses about 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. The company is now in the process of enhancing its product range by introducing LED bulbs that will consume 75% less energy as compared to regular light bulbs. Also these bulbs are so manufactured to last 25 times longer than the regular incandescent bulbs and give more vibrant light.

The website of the company is multi-lingual so that people living in different corners of the USA and Canada can choose their native language and learn about the company and products it offers. The website offers information on Spanish, English and French and also fulfills the needs of the customers in US and Canada who need information in language other than English.

With the increasing demand of energy efficient bulbs, Energy Saver Lights, Inc. has taken a great initiative to produce fluorescent bulbs that would not just suffice the lighting needs of its consumers but will also aid them in reducing their electricity bills. Canada and US is in the process of transitioning to the use of power efficient light bulbs and LED bulbs, the problem was that the main manufacturing method was directed towards the requirements of the large American retailers ignoring the small retailers. Energy Saver Lights, Inc took the challenge for smaller retailers to offer them power efficient lighting products of Energy Star standards to customers at a rate that is attuned to the large retailers.

With the establishment of Energy Saver Lights, Inc this cost gap is now being filled to the benefit of consumers.

This amazing marketing strategy of the company and the high quality products manufactured by it will definitely act as a boon for its sales and will allow the company to expand and grow in the coming time. Also the company has plans to extend the offer of its product line to the growing markets of Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.

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