Cloud backup platform Asigra v10 released by SecurStore

securstore_logo73Following hot on the heels of the Asigra Cloud Backup Partner Summit 2010 in Toronto, SecurStore is pleased to announce that Asigra has released v10 of its superior cloud based backup platform and will be implementing Asigra Cloud Backup™ v10 across existing and new customers.

It is now recognized that the Asigra backup solution is the industry‘s preferred choice when backup software is being considered by leading IT personnel across all corporate sectors. The new features of this software coupled with the support of the current offering, makes Asigra Cloud Backup a must have requirement for companies who are seriously considering an offsite solution.

The focus is on providing a secure and reliable recoverable solution as opposed to just a cheap backup storage option. The ability to recover single files/emails or large amounts of data quickly and efficiently is essential for business continuity scenarios. This is all provided in an agentless environment with support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Vmware and many other platforms, applications and virtual systems.

According to Ashar Baig, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Asigra, “Asigra’s next-generation cloud backup platform delivers all of the efficiencies expected from a solution aligned with cloud computing. Built for the technology and performance demands of modern IT infrastructures, v10 helps businesses secure corporate data for recovery that meets business requirements. When combined with the expert support and services of SecurStore, organisations receive data protection without limits for any size environment.”

In addition to the superior features of the software, SecurStore itself stands out in the global market by offering a unique proposition to customers.

SecurStore is the only UK-based Asigra provider to have fully implemented the multi-tier Backup Lifecycle Manager (BLM) technology; has certification by British Standard Institute & ANAB for ISO 27001 the Information Security Standard, and has been recognized by Asigra as a mainstream provider and therefore received the Asigra 3D Hybrid Partner ranking (the highest available).

All this across a competitive pricing structure tailored to suit customers to be able to sustain this solution for many years. There are no costs for setup, disk couriering, recovery, licenses, no agents to install and no restrictions.

Alexander Eiriksson COO of SecurStore says, “We now have a solution which caters for everyone. Whether assisting SME‘s, enterprise customers, clients with their own data centre or hosting organizations we can provide a first class solution suited to their needs all in a cost effective environment. The Asigra platform is now the number one choice for data backup and in addition to our own enhancements, the message has never been clearer. “Free Your Mind – The Future is Here.”

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