Eco-friendly printing company opens office in New York

empirestatebuildingbendworkEco-friendly printing company Oddi, originally founded in Iceland, has opened up a second office in New York to help manage the increased demand for its green printing across the U.S.

The Icelandic printing company has been offering its clients in the U.S. quality eco-friendly services for around 20 years from its office in Pennsylvania. Due to the growing demand, Oddi Printing has opened up a second office located in New York with the intention to serve its clients across the East Coast.

Oddi printing has earned the reputation as being a top environmentally aware printing company within the Icelandic printing industry. This has resulted in being branded as an ‘Ecolabelled Printing Company’ by the Nordic Eco-Label, the official ecological label for Nordic countries.

Oddi has strived throughout the years to minimise its use of raw materials and has replaced environmentally dangerous chemicals and volatile compounds with healthier products whenever possible. The company’s policy is to assure customers that the products they are purchasing are made with as little environmental disturbance as possible.

Leading the New York office is Marteinn Jonasson, a long time veteran of the publishing and printing industry in Iceland. He is also a graduate of Assumption College, MA and can be reached at

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