Icelandair re-routes flights to and from Iceland via Glasgow and Akureyri

icelandair_flight64Icelandair passengers travelling to and from Iceland now have the option of being re-routed through Glasgow to/from Akureyri airport located in the North of Iceland. Akureyri is just a 4 hour drive from the capital city Reykjavik and the Icelandic airline company is also providing coaches to transport passengers to and from the capital.

The new change to the Icelandair flight plan was introduced today due to the closure of Keflavik International Airport in Iceland. This morning, Iceland’s main airport announced that it will be closing because of ash fall in the area and is expected to be closed for the following two days. However, this could change because the situation is highly unpredictable due to wind direction governing the direction in which the ash clouds travel.

Up-to-date information regarding ash fall coverage and flight schedules can be found on a new website launched by the Icelandair Group. It provides all the vital information online regarding safety, flights and volcanic activity.

The new website launched by the Icelandair Group, holds necessary information for those stranded in Iceland, and awaiting flights with Icelandair across Europe and the United States. The site also contains concise information on the current volcanic activity and ash distribution including safety information concerning ash fall.

Travellers can find information on flight refunds, what to do next, and how current daily life is in Iceland. The website also works as a reliable library of source information with links from the Icelandic Tourist Board, Icelandic Met Office, Civil Protection Department and Volcanic Advisory from London.

For further information about the Iceland volcano and flight schedules visit