Guidelines for choosing and maintaining Motorcycle batteries

Your dream bike, the mean machine, the motorcycle vrooms to glory only when fully charged motorcycles batteries pump in the power and make it alive. In fact motorcycle batteries provide the much required supply to the engine to release the power. You need to opt for the most suitable batteries which are ideal for you machine and do not

You need to check out with a small check list before proceeding to buy the motorcycle battery viz.

1. The size of the motorcycle engine – a larger cc motorcycle engine would require a higher chargeable battery while a small engine would require a small cc motorcycle battery.
2. Whether the particular brand and make of battery suits your motorcycle or not. Only if it fits perfectly you need to go for it otherwise it would be a waste of money.
3. You need to decide upon the type of battery you wish to go for – the conventional one which requires regular maintenance or the self sealed and factory sealed battery which simply requires to be installed on to the bike.
4. Be sure to match and confirm the technical details of the motorcycle batteries with your bike. Only if they fully meet the required criteria, you should go ahead with the purchase.

Ideally, Jet Ski Batteries and motorcycle batteries are quite similar in design. They can create power through a chemical reaction using very little power to give life to the engine. But in case, they remain idle for a long time, they are likely to lose their charge.

Rechargeable motorcycle batteries prove to eco friendly and cost effective as well. Though they are slightly expensive, you could always recharge them and use them for quite some time. Most modern motorbike batteries have their parts named with CT, CTZ, YTZ and YT – this could help you in identifying them as well.

Purchase Motorcycle Batteries Online
You could always approach a reputed battery dealer or opt for an online purchase as well. It makes sense to always double check your requirement before proceeding to finalize the online purchase of your motorbike batteries. The batteries will be delivered to your desired location along with an acid pack and complete step by step installation guide and kit as well.

How to take care of your Motorcycle Batteries

1. Ensure your motorcycle batteries are absolutely clean and dry. Do not allow any dirt to accumulate around them
2. The terminals and the area surrounding them should be clean and dry in order to keep corrosion at bay
3. On regular basis you should keep checking for electrolyte levels. In this regard conventional batteries need more attention on the acid levels mark.
4. The interior of motorcycle batteries should be kept free from sulfation, mossing and even excessive sediment.
5. Once you open the caps, you should replace them firmly
6. Regularly use the motorcycle to keep the batteries in charged up condition
7. Make sure you charge the batteries once in a month and at no cost they should be kept in a discharged condition.
8. Be extremely careful when you handle the motorbike batteries especially do not drop them
9. Use a proper battery charger to keep them charged up in charged condition in case you would not be using your vehicle for quite some time.
10. Lastly, the most important one – Always use protective gear such as goggles and gloves in order to keep protect yourself from acid else it can cause major damage to you.

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