From Zero To 4 Million Customers In Just 30 Days – Even In a Recession!

Late 2008, after losing his 7 figure video training business in the heat of the recession Sohail Khan made a promise to himself that he would find a formula to get himself back on his feet quickly without the draining overheads of staff, suppliers and office buildings. Sohail spent 8 years building a business that took over 4 million in sales with 20 staff through strategic Joint Ventures – a very underutilised business building strategy.

In May 2009 he spotted an opportunity in a national newspaper from a company who were selling books on how to use your PC to the silver surfer market. He did some research and found that the company had sold over 400,000 copies of books on how to use PC’s and the Internet so, he approached the company and told them that he had a video training course (which didn’t exist at the time) on how to use PC’s and would they be interested in selling that to their customers.

After submitting his proposal he was invited in to speak to them and they produced a list of other titles they were also interested in. The biggest shock came when the company mentioned that if these video courses sold well to their 400,000 list they would like to roll it out to their whole database of 4 million customers! Sohail then outsourced the production of the video training course to a third party and secured a Joint Venture deal to supply the company with the master’s of the video training courses and a license to press the CD’s and fulfil them for a royalty on each sale.

Sohail managed to complete this potential £1 Million Joint Venture deal in just 30 days without having an initial product or even his own customer database and has now created a training program for individuals and companies to educate them in the power of doing low-cost, zero-cost Joint Ventures by using underutilised assets of other companies to make money.

On a recent meeting in Washington DC he also met his now co-founders of what he calls The JV University – Willie Crawford, Gina Gaudio-Graves and David Preston (the biggest JV brokers in the US) with the first ‘International Joint Venture Training Course’ starting through a combination of phone and online sessions on Wednesday the 2nd Sept 2009.