ACI ranks Keflavik International Airport first class

keflavik terminal guysThe Airports Council International surveys the quality and passenger services of 127 different major international airports. There are some 30 different aspects of customer service which are included in the survey. In the latest quarterly report, Keflavik International Airport in Iceland maintains its first class standing, providing exceptional passenger services. Keflavik was named as Europe’s second best gateway in the most recent survey.

Keflavik airport is located in Iceland, an island nation in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Its central location between North America and Europe provides a very convenient stopover for transatlantic flights as well as private aircraft and fuel stops.

Around two million passengers a year enjoy the services provided by KEF when travelling through. The restaurants, the duty free shopping on arrival and departure, the friendly ground employees, and the clean facilities all make up Keflavik’s enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere for passengers. The ACI survey placed Keflavik in first place last year several important categories, as well as naming it the 8th best airport in the world (for airports serving fewer than 5 million passengers annually). Keflavik airport is truly the airport of choice for any passenger and stop over needs.

As for pilots, Keflavik is a simple airport to navigate to and around. The airport provides CAT II approaches and exceptional ground services during bad weather. The runways and airport can handle all kinds of aircraft, including wide bodies. Hotels and other services can be found in the town of Keflavik which is only a 5 minute drive from the airport. Whether you are on the way to Europe, North America, or of course to Iceland, Keflavik is the airport of choice for any pilot needs.

KEF is the ideal choice for passengers, pilots, and any other transatlantic flights as well as a port of entry to Europe and Iceland. The ACI passenger service survey proves that Keflavik makes the perfect transatlantic hub and stopover point with modern facilities, excellent customer service, and a high level of comfort for the traveller.

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