Holmes Air Purifier Self Recorder Spy Cameras

Holmes Air Purifier Self Recording Spy Camera is a new stroke of our store Atlantic electronic. The camera records 10 seconds-2 minutes video clips onto a SD card in the unit.

The traced video has a Time/Date stamp, showing the time and date that the video was created. (1) 1GB SD card is provided with every purchase. The screening angle is 85 degrees wide and 85 degrees tall. There are no beeps, no lights, no noise and no sign that a camera or recorder is inside.

The video can be easily playable on Windows Media Player or any other player. We have a support page on our website http://www.atlanticelectronic.com where we offer SECURE software downloads; and general information. With AES, you can feel free buying without any hesitation; we want you to be satisfied! Average US delivery time ist2-5 days as soon as we receive the payment.