Export companies need Localisation, not translation

International Search Marketing Agency WebCertain warns that export companies could be missing out on opportunities in international markets because they fail to localise their websites appropriately for different countries and cultures.

Now, more than ever, businesses are looking to enter new markets and broaden their customer base in a bid to stave off the recession and continue to grow. The ever increasing internet penetration across all countries, but specifically in the key emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China is making it much easier for organisations to reach and communicate with a wide audience and for many, the web now provides a one stop shop for finding out which products and services are available, researching them and even making the purchase and this means that any organisation using the web to market themselves must get the communication just right.

Export companies are at risk of excluding numerous potential customers because they are not using the appropriate language tone, terminology and style for the market and this is often the result when websites are simply translated, rather than localised. This can often result in a misunderstanding of what the product/service offering is or a lack of confidence in the quality and reliability of the organisation itself.

Andy Atkins-Krüger, Managing Director of WebCertain highlights several issues export companies must be aware of when carrying out international online marketing:

  • Thorough keyword research is essential to ensure your website will appear in relevant search engine results and achieve high conversions. The terms people use to search on the web often differ from dictionary translations and even speech and making sure these are the terms used on your website is key to its success.
  • Not everything needs translating – whilst some countries, such as Iceland, will always use terms from their own language, others like Germany will often use the English terminology – especially when it comes to technical and web related topics.
  • Customers need to feel 100% confident when actually making a purchase online, so points which seem simple such as prices, currencies and checkout terms and conditions must not only be correctly translated but also presented in a format which is recognisable and understandable to them – and this can differ significantly from country to country

Andy says, “It is these kind of oversights and omissions which can be the downfall of many companies trying to do business in overseas markets yet they can easily be avoided. Combining SEO expertise with native knowledge of the language will result in websites which are appropriate for humans and search engines alike, and which will play a major role in the international success of an organisation.”

WebCertain’s International Search Summit will offer a greater insight into the challenges of international SEO, with global search experts from around the world offering advice on the best way to tackle them. The Summit, held at the British Library, London on 19th November, would offer valuable insights for exporters as they try to engage with the international online community.

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