Connecting Home Offices

ring centralThanks to state-of-the-art communications technology, employees do not have to be physically there in one centralized office anymore. The home office is becoming commonplace, offering workers stationed in different locations further flexibility and allowing for greater diversity in a company.

With RingCentral, having many people working from home won’t be a problem anymore. Creating a virtual office, RingCentral virtual PBX permits automatic call forwarding to your employees, no matter their location. This gives the caller a sense that you’re all in one office, as the service seamlessly transfers calls from one line to another.
The advanced features of a virtual PBX phone system can make home offices function as efficiently as the main headquarters. It bridges the gap between the main office and your telecommuting employees.

You can route callers to your cell, home, office phones, mobile employees, partners and/or offices around the country. You can set up forwarding options for each extension, different times of day and different incoming numbers and area codes. You can configure your system to deliver the call routing that your business requires. Setting up and changing your call routing is quick and easy.

The routing is transparent to the caller. The phone rings and someone answers. To them, the person answering is in your office. For more information visit to


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