Majenta Solutions partner news: NetApp – Why Does NetApp Want Data Domain?

MajentaThe question on every IT manager mind is what makes Data Domain so hot to NetApp? The Santa Clara, California – based company is a leader in the storage category known as de-duplication, a process by which only new files are stored at each backup and duplicates are removed upon each back-up. De-duplication allows for faster backups by cutting down the amount of information processed, transferred and stored.

By “de-duplicating” corporate data, particularly those terabytes destined for backup, Data Domain provided compression ratios that made its disk-based product a compelling choice over tape. It also made the integration model simple: Connect to your backup server where you used to have your tape library. Boom! Value delivered.
NetApp, who have developed their own excellent de-duplication technology, wants Data Domain gives a good indicator of just how far ahead of the game Data Domain is. Indeed, Data Domain has done three things right:

1. Recognised the rise of multi-core processors, which make the arduous task of de-duplication a breeze.

2. Understands one could use drive-based storage media instead of tapes for backup purposes. Data Domain’s belief is that since you’re backing up data sequentially and not actively reading those drives, they perform relatively well compared to, say, a drive containing a database that’s under a heavy transactional load.

3. Most importantly, it built a de-duplication business model that is no different from selling tape-based systems (except for lower prices). It’s a model that both EMC and NetApp can plug into their existing operations and filers.
The battle for storage leadership is heating up once again. Not only does it give NetApp access to a winning product line in a growth area of the storage market, but it signals the company might be taking a new approach to its acquisition strategy, one that could take them into EMC’s traditional market space.

What ever the outcome of the battle. Be assured that Majenta Solutions will carry on delivering your data storage need, with tomorrow’s technology.

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