Knexus Digital Success Stories: Addressing the digital marketing needs of a global technology company

knexus groupKnexus Digital has been retained by a leading global technology company to support their digital marketing learning needs! This Company was looking to deploy a scalable solution to upskill multiple marketing teams in digital marketing. In response, Knexus has been able to provide tailored solution utilising its Knexus Digital’s Premium Edition, with hosted, media-rich content feeds covering key topics such as Search, Social Media and online Brand, delivered by 36 leading industry experts!

Brook Minto, Senior Account Manager, Knexus Digital said, “With a global workforce of 60,000, the company needed a flexible solution that could be fully integrated into existing internal systems to minimize disruption and complexity for their users! Along with this, there was also a need to refresh the content on a regular basis and stimulate user engagement.”
The results have been compelling. With the successful integration of Knexus Digital’s Premium Edition, the company is raising the level of digital marketing capabilities amongst their marketing teams and is better prepared to compete for business in the digital age! And all this with an estimated 60% saving compared with traditional solutions, as the company has been able to eliminate travel expenses, together with training and conference entry costs.

For global marketing teams looking to raise their digital marketing skills and insights with the latest market insights and innovative online productivity tools, Knexus Digital is just the resource. With 750 online titles in 12 + digital marketing categories like Online Advertising, Social Media, Customer Experience and Search, Knexus Digital’s Premium Edition is time-saving and cost effective.

So access our digital content and get your marketing team upskilled in no time at all. To find out how our Premium Edition can help you and your team.

Alternatively, if you’d like to know how Knexus Digital helps companies to maximise marketing team performance for a digital marketing success, you can request an online demo ( or contact +44 (0) 845 838 5316.

About Knexus Digital
Knexus Digital provides innovative online tools and market leading insights to maximise marketing teams’ execution capabilities for digital marketing success.

In essence, Knexus Digital helps marketing teams acquire new skills and insights to adapt to a fast-changing marketplace. In the face of global competition and shrinking marketing budgets, we provide digital marketing solutions in quick, easy and cost-effective ways.

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