Beverley Holidays Further Increase Their Green Credentials

On announcement of Torbay Council’s compost bin sale, Beverley Holidays is now recycling their waste on their own gardens.

Nicola Furneaux, Manager, commented “I was thrilled when Torbay council announced their sale of composters at Easter. We have been thinking about composting for some time and it urged us into action. We are always looking at new ideas for improving our green credentials and this is a great way for our customers to observe what we are doing”
Katherine Lamswood of The Galley and Upperdeck Restaurant at Beverley Park was keen to try it out. “As well as the park using the composters for garden waste, we have been utilising it for our kitchen scraps too. It works well for things like fruit and vegetable peelings and tea bags as they are high is essential nitrogen and carbon.”

Composting is a natural process and a valuable resource to both gardens and the environment. Every year thousands of tonnes of kitchen and garden waste are thrown in the dustbin.

Nicola has placed their composters in a sunny spot near the kitchen as composters work their best when the material is kept warm, moist and oxygenated. “We can’t wait for when our compost is first ready to use around our park gardens. If the composting goes well, we will be extending the scheme to our other parks, Ashvale and Whitehill Country Park, where we also have restaurants.”

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