Opt for a world-class PCB at PCB assembly Depo

JökulsárlónPCB assembly Depot offers PCB assembly (Printed Circuit Board assembly) in large and small volumes with types of assembly like through-hole assembly as well as Surface Mount assembly.

We fabricate PCB assembly, Printed circuit board assembly, and SMT assembly equipment at our New York facilities. PCB assembly Depot’s design and development resides at our NY facility where all the design and documentation hard work is consummated.
We have meticulous expertise with Printed circuit board assembly for high-end computing, communications and other advanced technology products. These printed circuit boards are highly complex with many fine-pitch devices and package types, IC’s on top and bottom, etc. and therefore are difficult to manufacturer with consistently high first-pass assembly yields.

We tender an extensive range of SMT assembly equipment that focuses on rapid turnaround prototyping in the lab. This SMT assembly equipment is manufactured to meet our high quality standards, and provide the exactitude needed in through hole assembly with surface-mount assembly in the lab.

PCB assembly Depot’s pooled proficiency in Electronic Contract Manufacturing, world-class SMT assembly,

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