The smartest job search engine is now available in UK!

logo-jobijoba-homeAfter a great success in France and Belgium, the most comprehensive search engine for jobs is now available in the UK. With a new interface and an improved algorithm, JobiJoba aims at providing the best search experience for job seekers

JobiJoba’s bots crawl the web looking for job listings. They collect them all to find yours, saving you the trouble to visit tens of websites to not miss your next opportunity.

JobiJoba provide the most relevant results for jobs. The algorithm refreshes its accuracy every day regarding the user queries and their profiles. With a real smart agent that is learning as fast as the search engine is used by job seekers and fed by job boards, JobiJoba is providing a new search experience.

When technology makes sense for job seekers

JobiJoba’s search engine analyzes the web in a semantic way, focusing itself on the content of each job offer, and on the resume of its users. “We want to provide the perfect combination between customization and smart search for jobs” says CEO and Co-founder Francois GOUBE.

-The JobiJoba’s algorithm is based on a data understanding approach. That means all the queries are analyzed and treated with intelligent and semantic approach. With this semantic analyze, JobiJoba learn and understand from indexed data. JobiJoba enhance the accuracy of the job search.

-MyJobiJoba gives you a personal dashboard to manage your job search. With your personal dashboard, you can manage your job searches as you like, create your job alerts and manage your searches as you want, receive by mail relevant job opportunities and check your recent searches.

-Job suggestions. JobiJoba is a smart job search engine and automatically suggests you the most relevant jobs opportunities that match your resume.

A new powerful source for job boards

In this economic situation, JobiJoba is the perfect tool for job boards because it charges only on the performance basis (pay per click). JobiJoba is the most cost-effective way to buy qualified and targeted traffic.
JobiJoba has always worked in a hand-in-hand way with the job boards, so that they can release new features based on the up-to-date needs of its clients. “In France and Belgium, we are working closely to our partners. Because of their implication and support we are still improving our services, and UK job boards feedback has yet really helped us a lot” says CTO Thomas ALLAIRE.

About JobiJoba

JobiJoba is developed by ALLGOOB. This start-up is conceiving smart vertical search engines. Founded by Francois GOUBE and Thomas ALLAIRE, in 2007 they have always been focused on providing the most relevant results regarding vertical search.

They are expanding their activities all over in Europe and Northern America. JobiJoba’s teams will release dedicated version to the Spanish market and the US market as well during the summer.
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