GV32GB1333C9DC Geil 2GB 1333MHz Cl9 Memory | Geil Ddr3 Brush Titanium

geil-2gb-ddr3-cl9.0-d-c-bru-tita-al-gv32gb1333c9dc-lBuy Geil 2gb ddr3 memory, Geil 2gb 1333mhz cl9 memory brush titanium aluminum GV32GB1333C9DC at UK cheapest price with fast shipping service.

Geil 2GB DDR3 memory GV32GB1333C9DC is the next-generation memory for personal computing, servers and other computing applications. Geil ddr3 1333 memory value dual channel is now the highest performing memory with official data transfer rates of 1.3GHz double the speed of the DDR2 architecture with much lower power consumption – 1.5V(DDR3) vs. 1.8(DDR2).

Geil 2GB 1333 Cl9 Memory Specifications:
• Product Type: Memory
• Memory Type: DDR3
• Capacity: 2GB (2 x 1GB)
• Clock Speed: 1333MHz
• Compliance: PC3 10660
• CAS Latency: 9-9-9-24
• No. of Chips: 16 Per Stick
• Pins: 240 Per Stick
• Side: Double Per Stick
• Special Features: Brushed-Titanium Aluminum Heat Spreader and Working Voltage 1.5v
• Package Contents: Retail
• Warranty: 3 Years

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