INSPIRED by China. — NOT “made in China”

For their most recent collection, the Norwegian company OLEANA looked to China for inspiration – an ancient culture with strong design and ornamentation traditions that has left its mark on the west from as long ago as the early Viking explorations.

OLEANA gathers new inspiration along the silk route and then takes it back home to Norway where their production is made in a small factory close to Bergen, by a crew of 60 highly skilled and respected workers. Oleana sets an example for sustainable clothing production and ethical business practices.

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OLEANA started as a company 17 years ago in defiance of growing outsourcing of what had been a rich Norwegian textile tradition.

It is a company with a soul and an eye for beauty. They have built their company on the belief that women need less, but more beautiful clothes.

BEYOND BORDERS – OLEANA the Norwegian Story

In September 2009 Oleana will hold an exhibition at the Pendulum Gallery illustrating how pattern knows no borders. From Norway to China, designer Solveig Hisdal has followed the silk road finding inspiration in silk damasks, floral ceramics, and mosaics, for her richly patterned knitwear

The exhibition was conceived as a handshake from Norway with Vancouver on the occasion of the 2010 Olympics. The exhibition (co-sponsored by Innovation Norway) will open on September 10th hosted by Designer Solveig Hisdal, co-owners Signe Aarhus and Kolbjorn Valestrand, and with special guest, the newly appointed Norwegian Ambassador to Canada, Else Berit Eikeland.

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