Amazing apps for iPhone – Accepting credit cards

credit_card_header13Westlake Village, CA (June, 2009 )Attention iPhone owners, we have great news. You’ve seen the commercials where your iPhone can be used for processing credit cards. Well now CellCharge has the capacity to do just that. CellCharge, the industry leader in phone-based credit card transactions, is well known for enabling their clients to process credit card transactions anytime, anywhere though their existing phone. Now, CellCharge is thrilled to be able to add iPhone capabilities to their extensive list of services.

This enables transactions to now be processed wherever you need them, from trade shows and flea markets to direct sales parties and salons, right from your iPhone. Small and home-based businesses benefit as well as they can input a customer’s credit card information and get paid right on the spot.

CellCharge will set up your account and fortunately, it’s just as easy as it appears on TV.

First they offer guidance on which application they recommend. As there are many downloadable apps available at the iTunes store, the two recommended by CellCharge are CCTerminal and ProcessAway, both very user friendly and both very affordable. However, ProcessAway offers you the ability to add a tip.
Studies clearly show that customers spend more money when paying with a credit card than they do with cash or checks, especially when it comes to tipping and impulse buys. Why limit your small businesses success to the amount of cash in your customer’s wallet?

CellCharge also prides themselves with not having those hidden fees that are so often found with other companies. Rates won’t rise unless Visa and MasterCard increases interchange. Also, let’s say your iPhone’s battery dies, what then? Well with any of the other companies you’d be charged an additional $0.75 for each time a transaction needs to be called in. Not so with CellCharge. You still have access to their toll-free number to run transactions. Another great example is let’s say it’s a large trade show and you have 3 or 4 people working your booth. With CellCharge the person with the iPhone can run transactions through their iPhone app, but if it gets busy the others can use their phones to call the toll-free number and all 3 or 4 of them could be running transactions at the same time, for the same cost! Can’t do that through the other companies.

To turn your iPhone into a credit card processor, sign up today. With the ability to have instant approvals, and no expensive swipe machines, you can be accepting credit cards within days.
Also, be sure to join our partnership program. It is free to sign up and pays an incredible $20.00 for each new merchant that signs up through your website or network. With so many new and mobile businesses out there that could benefit from a unique product like CellCharge, why not make a few dollars for helping us spread the word.

About CellCharge: CellCharge specializes in setting up merchant accounts to accept credit cards via phone. Perfect for small businesses & others who want the convenience of offering their clients credit card processing anywhere, anytime.