Agriya releases chat software for its hot running product Kootali

Chennai, India: June 27, 2009 – Kootali is a social networking software that helps start a professional closed social network. Based on the demand of Kootali clients, the Kootali team has developed a new add-on module called Kootali Chat. Site users can discover and strengthen friendship through the interactive chat feature.

A lot of social networking sites are springing up everyday. It is only additional innovative features that would make a site stand apart from the others. The chat feature is the feature in demand in the networking market. The chat window will help members convey instant messages and get instant replies, which is quite impossible with an internal messaging system.

It is quite natural to go for a social networking site with chat feature over a networking site without it. The chat software integrates the live chat function in to your scripts so your member gain mazimum benefit from it. Currently, the beta version of the chat software has been released. It offers a virtual discussion platform to facilitate and manage real-time text messages.

“I’m excited to release the Chat software for Kootali as per our clients’ demand” said Ms.Sheerin, the Vice President of Agriya Infoway, “It’s the right time to add some real-time interactivity to your Kootali site and pull more members to it.”
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Authors Bio:Agriya Infoway is a Chennai based web Development Company that sells scripts that can be bought by webmasters to build sites under various categories. Agriya has released Kootali chat software for its hot running product Kootali.