The Contemporary 5. An exhibition of works by Kymberly O’Carroll-Fitzpatrick, Melanie Blackwell, Lukas Kasprowicz,

Drawn together by Kymberly O’Carroll-Fitzpatrick ‘The Contemporary 5’ are a group of artists presenting the viewer with international cutting-edge and contemporary talent. Each participating artist excels in individual practice and interpretation. Works range from painting, photography to sculpture showing very distinct points of view and angle. A distinctive current-day mood and artistic observation resonate through this collection of artwork.

Kymberly O’Carroll-Fitzpatrick’s artwork echoes 60’s and 70’s popular culture. Her main sources of inspiration are magazines, advertisements, comics, cartoons and books. Bold, black outlines, bright colours and underlying humour dominate her artwork.

Melanie Blackwell studies people, and with that tries to develop different ways of representing them through her painting. Working with people closest to her, Blackwell is using colour and her own personal feelings to push her comfort zones to try and create new exciting images.

Lukas Kasprowicz’s paintings deal with the presence of the human subject, whether depicted with exaggeration or merely as a vague reminiscence of a body. The figurative forms are often combined with abstract elements, creating visionary images. Many of his paintings can be seen as very dramatic, yet Kasprowicz likes to think of them as question marks – posed and left without simple answers.

Sarah Crew uses objects, taxidermy and herself within her photographs. The use and influence of objects and their value, by society, by photography and by the artist, is explored though out the work, where the objects take on new meanings and are given a new context within the photograph.

Blaire Zaye: ¬¬¬Pillbox Vs Pillowbox

Yabba Vs Velium.
Wake Vs Sleep.
Up And Down.
Dawn Vs Dusk.
Night Vs Day.
Dark Vs Light