Regaining Your pH Balance

BSTKIT_500x500Acidification of the body’s internal environment is responsible for many illnesses, which is why it is necessary to reduce or eliminate acidification. This is the surest way to regain pH balance and make all the problems that create imbalance disappear.

The treatment plan to counter acidification aims first to reduce the amount of acids the body takes in. This is a crucial step as long as large quantities of acids are entering the body. Diet is adjusted so that alkaline foods and drinks predominate over acid foods. Dietary reform is a simple step; however its effect is considerable. Improved oxidation of acids is obtained by introducing or increasing physical activity (exercise). Eliminating the acids already present in the tissues is accelerated by consuming medicinal plants that increase the flow of urine and those that enhance the production of sweat.

An additional measure, which has proven to be indispensable in the majority of cases, is to take alkaline mineral supplements, not only to help the body eliminate the acids ingested during the day but also, and more importantly, to facilitate elimination of the acids lodged in the deep tissues of the body. Over time this cleansing leads to a profound deacidification of the body, which not only treats the sufferer but protects him or her from any reoccurrence of the problems.

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