Data Recovery Software for Microsoft SQL Server Now Supports 2008 and 2005 Backups, Logs announces improved support for Microsoft SQL Server backups and logs in its data recovery software. Corrupted backup file recovery has been introduced for SQL Server 2008 and x64 editions of 2008 and 2005 Servers.

Log support is available for SQL Server versions 2008, 2005 and 2000. When recovering a corrupted database, the user now has the Advanced mode option for creating a set of SQL scripts with data recovered from the logs. An important capability is to recover data even from corrupted logs, which cannot be processed with the standard server maintenance tools.

The results of log recovery can be used later along with the data recovered from the main database to rebuild the corrupted SQL Server deployment.

“OfficeRecovery products help customers to recover important data when there is no backup available. Lately we have been asked whether it’s possible to recover when the backup is present but corrupted. With recent additions to Recovery for SQL Server the answer is yes.” says Emil Sildos, Recoveronix CEO.

Recovery for SQL Server prices start at US $499 for a standard license. The license allows one installation of the product and use for one server. Other types of licenses are Enterprise, allowing two servers, and 1-Year Service, a special license for companies providing data recovery services.

Free demo version of Recovery for SQL Server is available at is trade name for Recoveronix, a software company in the data recovery business since 1998. More than 40 products offered by Recoveronix have provided millions of businesses and individuals the chance to regain data accessibility and integrity after the event of data corruption.