Analytics and Accountability – The way forward for marketers

16 June 2009 – London – Nowadays, marketers are looking for three simple things: immersive digital marketing insights, optimising team’s digital performance, and up-skilling marketing teams to be up-to-speed to rapid changes in the market place.

Knexus Digital provides compelling insights on ‘Analytics’ to help marketers get unique know-how to accelerate digital marketing performance and optimize their marketing spend. The content delivers the latest insights and market intelligence on Analytics through accountability and focus on how digital strategy can be optimized in line with marketing budgets.

The programme is created in conjunction with Knexus Digital expert Andrew Hood (Lynchpin) and will be available On Demand via video and downloadable podcasts.

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Knexus Digital provides innovative online tool and leading market insights to maximise marketing team’s performance and deliver digital marketing success.

In essence, Knexus Digital helps marketing teams acquire new skills and insights to adapt to a fast-changing marketplace. In the face of global competition and shrinking marketing budgets, we provide digital marketing solutions in quick, easy and cost-effective ways.

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