Teknomek Announce New Bespoke Design Service for Stainless Steel Equipment

image0011Teknomek announced today the launch of its bespoke design service for stainless steel hygiene furniture and equipment.

Tom Worth the managing director said “We’re very excited. Teknomek has been designing and manufacturing Stainless Steel Hygiene Furniture and Equipment for more than 20 years.

Whilst Teknomek have developed the most extensive catalogue in the stainless steel equipment business, we recognise that some customers have unique needs that are not being met.

“That is why we’ve launched this unique service.”

Teknomek’s offering is in 2 parts:
Customised design: Customers looking for a customised version of one of Teknomek’s catalogue products, for example, slightly different width or height. Customers can call in with their measurements and Teknomek will provide a quote for within one working day.

“Remember, these are our own designs and we already know how to make them to the highest possible quality standards. Customers will also be surprised at how cost effective it is. We can turn around customised products within 5 working days from the approval of a design,” said Mr Worth.
Bespoke design: Customers who have a design that is truly unique can have their designs turned into a reality by Teknomek’s in-house design team.

Mr Worth added “Our experience means that we know how to engineer the most complex designs. Our in-house CAD team can take your sketches and turn them into a reality. We can test the engineering practicalities of a particular design and suggest modifications that will make them work.

“During the design process, we can provide Customers with 3D rendered CAD drawings so that they can really see your design come to life, and discuss alterations in real time. We can turn around most bespoke items within 10 working days from approval of a design.”

For further information on Teknomek’s products and services, please visit our website on www.teknomek.co.uk or call +44 1603 788833.