Diskeeper Corporation: Now over 35 Million Licences Sold!

Diskeeper Corporation today announced that its Diskeeper® automatic defragmenter surpassed the 35 million licenses sold mark. The software continues to grow in popularity as the top solution for computer performance bottlenecks in the enterprise.
Disk fragmentation causes server crashes, slowdowns, freeze-ups and system failures. If you’re running Windows, you have fragmentation. Replacement hardware is not only costly, but “throwing more storage resources (hardware) at a problem should be the last resort, because it only masks the potential problems that intelligent disk defragmentation addresses,” notes David Chernicoff, Senior Contributing Editor for Windows IT Pro and author of The Impact of Fragmentation on Servers.
In tighter times, enterprise class companies turn to Diskeeper to squeeze the most performance possible out of existing systems.
Far cheaper than pro grade hardware or memory upgrades, an automatic defragmenter is the most inexpensive performance enhancement you can make. As Chernicoff notes, “Diskeeper is the only true server defragmentation software that runs silently in the background, continually improving performance.”
Diskeeper 2009 server editions include Diskeeper Server, Diskeeper EnterpriseServer and Diskeeper Administrator. All editions are compatible with SQL, Exchange, VMware, Hyper-V, RAID, NAS, SANs, domain controllers and file or print servers. Diskeeper Corporation is a veteran Microsoft Gold Partner with Certified for Windows 2008 status.
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