The Luton Wedding Fair Showcasing Various Ethnic Wedding Flavour

A special wedding fair for people of all ethnic race. Luton is a town packed full of cultural diversity. This great diverse ethnic mix will be seen in the music, costumes and other ways at the event. The Luton Wedding Fair will be held on Saturday 19 September 2009 from 10am-5pm at 32 Guildford street Luton , LU1 2NR and is sponsored by Marks Events.

The one day event is for all brides-to-be, married couples, and people thinking of having a wedding or party someday who will like to have either a simple or elaborate English wedding or add a tint of other culture to their event. Entrance to the show is FREE .

Luton wedding fair is being organised by Marks Events who has had previous experience in organising successful fairs in a developing country and is bringing the beautiful colours to the Luton wedding fair.

Amongst the amazing list of exhibitors are Campbell and Toft Ltd who not only provide imaginative catering of the highest possible standard but also provide cookery lessons if you prefer. Campbell and Toft Ltd directors have worked for over 25years with Leith’s Restaurant, Sally Clarke’s, Gordon Ramsey, The Ivy, Le Caprice, Caprice Events, Hunt Kendall Catering, Rhubarb Food Design, to name but a few. Brides not only enjoy bespoke menus, tailored to their specific needs and wishes but can also learn how to make that special meal so that they can make it over and over again for their parties. They allow hosts to enjoy their special occasion with complete confidence and peace of mind that every detail have been taken care for them.

Another fabulous company that will be at the fair is YZ photography. YZ photography is well known for taking informal shots in a relaxed way and closely observing events as they unfold – a tender kiss, an intimate glance, spontaneous tears and infectious laugh. All these precious memories are alive forever with them after their big day. No bride want to put all these effort into their day and not get someone capture their emotion; seize the moment.

The Luton Wedding Fair explores the details in the traditions of both indigenous cultures of Native Britsh as well as those of more recent arrivals to Luton. The exhibition acknowledges the multicultural Luton and explores the increasingly international flavor of details in UK weddings.

About Marks Events

Marks Events is a complete event decoration and hire company that delivers high-quality, unforgettable experiences and transform any venue creating that special feel!


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