Have You Got Exploding Insects From Your Insect Control?

As the approach of the summer season nears, pests will be on the agenda.
Indications are that due to high rainfall much of the country’s land is saturated and that this could lead to increased populations of insects as temperatures rise.
Teknomek has extended their range of insect control with a new range of industrial glue boards available now. This alternative to electric fly killing means no more messy exploding insects which some inferior manufacturer’s models can cause. Silent in operation, these glue boards are specifically designed to catch and hold large numbers of insects by using a unique adhesive formula, which remains effective for up to 3 months.

Glue boards feature tool free maintenance, which means cleaning and lamp replacement is made easier. Shatterproof high performance synergetic UVA green lamps are fitted as standard, as these enhance insect attraction by working on 2 wavelength peaks. This attracts a broader range of insects, catching common house flies, blow flies and fruit flies 30% faster than traditional UVA lamps (which are blue to the human eye). The lamps work longer due to the green light phosphor, which hardly ever degrades unlike UVA lamps which lose up to 40% of power after 6 months, therefore the green lamps effectiveness is prolonged. All units are approved to EN60335-2-59 (Insect Killers Safety Standard).

There are several deciding factors when choosing insect control, including what is being produced and where the facility is located. The industrial series is for use in commercial properties, factories and warehouses. The best placement for insect control units are 2 – 2 1/2 metres from the ground but not installed near air currents or by obscuring the light, as the unit will be less effective. They must never be placed directly above food / preparation lines or in front of doorways, as the light will attract the insects in to the room.

Teknomek have added 3 glue boards to the range. The ING35 and the ING50 are manufactured in polyester coated zintec steel. They can be wall mounted or free standing with large capacity, long life glue boards. The ING35 has a coverage of 120 square metres, using 15 watt lamps. The ING50 is the more powerful using 20 watt lamps with a coverage of 180 square metres.
The ING65 is manufactured in polyester coated zintec steel, but is available in food grade stainless steel. It can only be ceiling mounted and is built to IP65 dustproof / waterproof specifications. Using 20 watt lamps, this unit as an amazing 400 square metre coverage.

For more information on the above products, or to see the complete range, visit
www.teknomek.co.uk or call 01603 788833 for a full catalogue of the complete
stainless steel products available from Teknomek.