Lady Soveriegn: NEW ALBUM ‘JIGSAW’

LADY SOVEREIGN puts all the pieces together with new album, Jigsaw, released April 13th on Midget Records (via EMI).

Jigsaw is the follow-up to Sov’s successful debut album ‘Public Warning’ released in late 2006. Over the course of that release Sov won the respect of Jay-Z and America’s urban doyenne, her album sold over 300,000 copies worldwide, lead single ‘Love Me Or Hate Me’ is the only ever #1 on MTV America’s video countdown chart by a British artist, it clocked up over 750,000 sales/downloads in the US. She headlined Times Square on News Years Eve 2007 and then played to over a million people as support on the Gwen Stefani tour. On paper it looked like the perfect ascent to success but ultimately she wasn’t happy, it wasn’t fun any more. Sov realized that the things that really mattered to her, namely her control was slipping away from her and after a period of reflection she decided to walk away from it all and take an independent route.

Following a self imposed break and a false start in New York with some big name producers that didn’t work out, Sov turned to her true partner in crime, her original producer, Medasyn. The London based music maker who had always been on Sov’s musical wavelength ended up producing the whole album. The result, Jigsaw, sees Sov’s music palette expanding to include flavors of Britrock, electro, dance-floor friendly hip hop and even her own singing voice, all contributing to a pop-friendly yet genre-defying LP. The album features ten tracks recorded in London, including the forthcoming single ‘So Human’ and title track ‘Jigsaw’ that sees Sov singing for the first time!

The album will be released on Sovereign’s own label Midget Records – a global partnership with EMI – on April 13th. ‘So Human’ is available to buy now.

Live dates will be announced shortly.

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