A new competition for children on Tus Magazine!

Be yourself and use your creativity without any restraint because here you will not get marks but prizes. It is important that the ideas and the work shall be yours and you shall have a clear expression.
In the month of April the magazine’s authors prepared a poem called Chain that is a chain of images and rhymes. A child, Luca, cracks nuts and eats them and another child puts his imagination to work hoping to make something from the nutshells. And the end results are ships, animals, clogs for mice, cradle for baby, humps for camels – with twenty nutshells you can put humps at ten camels.
So add a link or more to the chain, according to your inspiration because Luca is hungry, he keeps eating nut after nut and the nutshells are good for making toys. The winners will be chosen by the editorial team at the beginning of May.
For more details about the competition you can enter the competition section of the Tus magazine site www.revistatus.ro. The compositions can be sent using the available form or by post at the address below:

Revista Tuş
Piaţa Republicii nr. 41, 540110,
Târgu-Mureş, judeţul Mureş

We can say about Tus Magazine that it is a project produced and developed by the resources of Reea company, its purpose being to stimulate children’s desire for reading and to develop children’s imagination. The Tus magazine site – www.revistatus.ro contains stories, poems, comics, games, contest and short videoclips for children.
The team that produced this project is formed by writers, teachers, artists and programmers who wished to offer children attracted by the web a childhood world in an online version. So Tus magazine represents for children a good alternative of spending their spare time together with their friends, parents or teachers.
The uniqueness of this project consists of it being available in 5 languages: Romanian, Hungarian, German, French and English, this feature is an advantage both for the Romanian users and for those from around the world.
We look forward with interest to receiving the children’ compositions and we wish them success!

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Mureş, România
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