3 Women film makers doing it for themselves.

What do you do when you turn 50 and find that no one is making feature films for you anymore? Yvonne Deutschman, Ann Cameron and Thereza Snyman decided they’d make a film for themselves. Filming on their low budget feature, The Power of 3, begins in April and will be premiered in London in the Autumn.

Back in 2004 Canadian Ann Cameron, British Director Yvonne Deutschman and South African entrepreneur Thereza Snyman discussed the fact that no-one was making movies for older female audiences

“We realised that no one was making movies for people like us” – Error! Reference source not found. says “so the inevitable question was – what are we going to do about it?”

They turned an original idea into a script, while Yvonne started canvassing support amongst her contacts in the UK. “It was really exciting to talk to people about our concept” says Yvonne. “Women immediately related to the story, became excited about our idea and started asking how they could be involved.“

Thereza Snyman was tasked with putting the business side of things together.

“No-one in the traditional film-funding market was going to fund a project like this – everybody was going to tell us why it couldn’t be done, so we decided to do it our way,” said Thereza.

And “their way” – is a very simple concept. They’ve gathered a dynamic group of film professionals and given them a share of the proceeds according to the contribution they make. Sharing equity in the film has appealed to like-minded Baby Boomer spirits, attracting well-known actors and film professionals alike. “Everyone involved takes ownership of the project, because they are the project” states Thereza. – “The enthusiasm and commitment is amazing”

One of Britain’s biggest household names Toyah Wilcox is starring in the film along with Brumilda van Rensburg, a multi award winning actress from Johannesburg and Robin Craig, an award winning Canadian actress.

The supporting cast is just as impressive. Shirley Anne Field – (My Beautiful Laundrette, Hear my Song); Margaret Nolan – (Goldfinger); Kara Wilson- (Jane Eyre); Ellen Collier- (The Office) and with Hilton McCrae and Richard Bremmer appearing as the “male interest” – all share the “can do buzz” that this film is creating.

The Power of 3 is a light-hearted feel-good comedy that follows the adventures of 3 friends who pool their strengths when the going gets tough. “The story is all about our shared experiences,” says Ann, “we’ve all been there, and we all look at life in the same way“

Yvonne Deutschman concludes, “The Power of 3 follows in the wake of Calendar Girls and Mama Mia. If we’d been doing this two years ago we wouldn’t have had as much interest, but now the over 50’s is rapidly becoming a proven film going audience.“

For more information visit www.powerofthreefilm.com


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