Wilden nominated for SAM Awards

Wilden has been selected as one of the VERY BEST in the entire nation!

The Canadian Home Builders Association has selected Wilden as a 2007 National SAM Awards finalist for Community Development of the Year.

“We are absolutely over the top!” says Brent Couves, Director of Sales and Marketing for Wilden. “It’s hard to describe how proud we are here at Wilden to be honored as a finalist. Gerhard Blenk has an outstanding vision that now has national attention. His hard work is being recognized. For Kelowna and the Okanagan, this is exactly the image portray – that this part of the country is first class, and amongst the finest places to live in the world”.

Wilden is a 2000 acre, environmentally considerate community in Kelowna’s Glenmore Highlands area. It is in it’s fourth year of a proposed 20 year build out. Over 50% of the area is dedicated to natural green space, walking, hiking and biking trails. There are over a dozen planned parks and playgrounds, and ecologically reclaimed lakes. At the core of Wilden’s community philosophy is the use of environmentally friendly geothermal heating and cooling systems, Energuide building practices, and sustainable development – all supported by Wilden’s five dedicated, world-class builders.

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British Columbia