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CNG Business Services is a fast-growing marketing company focused on the Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) market. We enable smaller businesses to buy quality products and services from suppliers at the same low prices that the largest businesses obtain.

Our mission statement: “CNG Business Services is committed to enabling all businesses in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace to become more efficient by either reducing their costs or finding ways to increase their revenue. We believe that all businesses, regardless of size, should have access to the most favourable terms from first-rate suppliers. And we use the combined purchasing power of many businesses to ensure that this is the case.”

CNG Business Services is a sister company of Capital News Group, a successful family owned business founded in 1971 with retail stores & property interests around the country. As we are a family owned business, we understand the financial challenges that many of you face on a daily basis in your company.

CNG Business Services’ aim is to save your business money. We use our significant economies of scale to negotiate lower prices for goods & services from many leading national suppliers, helping you compete more effectively and directly improve your bottom line. All the products & services we supply are at prices significantly below those that an individual business could obtain. With CNG Business Services, you can negotiate like a multinational.

Having introduced ourselves, we offer our services in areas of merchant services, business insurance and business process outsourcing services. With our low priced merchant services, you will be able to run your enterprise smoothly and efficiently. With decades of being in business, we have a team of expert professionals who very well know the intricate nuances of business outsourcing services and can offer best skill and talent required for telesales, telemarketing, data entry, back office services and even customer relationship management. We do understand the fact that running a business is a risky proportion and hence we wish you would opt for comprehensive business insurance from us at very competitive rates and feel safe at all times.

Any business can benefit from CNG Business Services. From hotels to hospitals, newsagents to nail bars, accountants to actuaries, cafes to colleges, we have over 2,000 customers in a wide variety of industries, all of whom have saved money because of us.

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