Practical promotes corporate travel to Iceland by going to Germany

The popular corporate travel agency, Practical has announced its plan to attend IMEX – one of the world’s biggest exhibitions for incentive travel, meetings and events companies. IMEX will be held this May in Frankfurt.

Practical is among Iceland’s biggest incentive travel, group travel, event management and teambuilding experts; and has worked with companies of all sizes from around the world in creating unique and effective events.

As a fully licensed travel agency, Practical is an expert provider of group travel in Iceland. Because it always maintains close communication with every customer, Practical can arrange group travel for almost any size and type of organisation and specialises in being a convenient single point of contact – organising the entire trip from beginning to end. Not just Practical; but simple too!

Incentive travel is also an increasingly important tool for companies in maintaining and encouraging custom: a simple action-packed trip can promote loyalty and brand understanding, as well as encourage difficult potential customers. After all, a simple ‘thank you’ goes just as far in business as it does anywhere.

Loyalty isn’t just to be encouraged in customers. Practical’s teambuilding in Iceland helps promote loyalty and unity among staff members too. A happy and unified workforce does more and better work, earning the company more money. But as such an infrequent and potentially expensive event, teambuilding needs to be memorable and effective enough to have a long term effect – and Practical believes Iceland is the most memorable place on Earth.

Event management is Practical’s other major skill – with the company responsible for some of Iceland’s most impressive and successful product launches and corporate parties. The company has also run a variety of events for international companies; and not only in Iceland. Practical’s personal touch, expert staff and huge list of partners means it can create almost any sort of event, any size, anywhere.

All of Practical’s group travel, incentive travel, teambuilding and event management services can be read or downloaded online in the company’s beautifully-presented new .pdf brochure, here.

As Iceland’s premier group travel agency, Practical is proud to be a part of the IMEX expo of global corporate travel, incentive and event management agencies in Frankfurt from 26th-28th May.

For more information on group travel to Iceland, or any of the other services offered by Practical, please visit