Highlight at Nordic Fashion Biennale: Icelandic Design Days

Highlights at the NORDIC FASHION BIENNALE, taking place in Reykjavik from 26th to 29th March, include the Icelandic Design Days, during which the Nordic House will be filled with Icelandic fashion design, exhibits and parties.

The Icelandic Fashion Council will present three different shows on Icelandic fashion design.

7 windows: Installation in office-space.

Participating designers are: Andersen & Lauth, BIRNA, ELM, Farmers Market, Hanna, Mundi, NIKITA .

Documentary and photo-exhibition

27th March: Design market at Biennale Bar, in the Nordic House: Meet all the young and hot designers from Iceland in a party to remember. Here music and fashion come together to make candy for the eyes and ears. There will be tempting wares in the marketplace, great drinks at the Biennale Bar and music you won’t be able to resist dancing along to.

26th March: Peter Ingwersen from the label Noir talks about “How to build a brand”

29th March: Re-inventing the west-Nordic: Conference about west-Nordic fashion, regional branding and creative industries. Key-speakers are Tom Fleming and Nneka Ugboma.

Design Cinema from 18:00-20:00 on 26, 27 and 28th March



GuðrunogGuðrun, Barbara i Gongini, STEiNUNN, Spaksmannspjarir, Ásta Creative Clothes, Nauja Lynge Lyngesen, The Naked Ape, Andersen & Lauth, ELM, Mundi, Hanna, Nikita, BIRNA, Farmers Market, Kron by KronKron, Védís Jónsdóttir, Aurum, Anna Kristine Bæk, Isaksen Design, Lennert Design, Else Møller


Peter Jensen, Karl Aspelund, Kristine Jensen, Eva Kruse, Charlie Strand, Trendland, Karin Stenmar, Malin Eriksson, Anna Thorpe, Kristín Vala Ragnarsdóttir, Tom Fleming, Nneka Ugboma, Peter Ingwersen


Somtime, Retró Stefson, Pikknikk, Hjaltalín, FM Belfast, Borko