Investing in Iceland for pocket and soul

Purpose-prepared plots of land in the charming south of Iceland combine great views and fertile soil with solid investment in a tangible resource and a ticket to a more relaxed lifestyle.

Located in the south west of Iceland, Tjarnabyggd, the new farm village development, is allowing investors and families the chance to buy land for smallholdings or small farms – and with it an entire new outlook on life.

Tjarnabyggd is set in beautiful, flat and fertile countryside with spectacular glacier and mountain views, a nearby bird reserve, abundant pure water and a comprehensive network of horse riding paths; but is also located within easy reach of Reykjavik, the town of Selfoss and Keflavik International Airport.

The land is perfectly suited to grazing, and Icelandic horses are particularly well served at Tjarnabyggd. and the plots are ideal for building stables, barns and outhouses in addition to spacious housing for the human inhabitants.

People choosing to invest in land in Iceland at Tjarnabyggd benefit from electricity, hot and cold water, road and telecommunications connections to their land included in the price and maintained by Arborg local council – along with other services including school buses, snow ploughing and street lighting.

The plentiful and inexpensive naturally hot water in the region is fantastic for bathing and house heating; but also opens up all sorts of possibilities, such as hot pots, heated greenhouses and even frost-free soil for delicate crops.

Jonas Lilliendahl and his wife Margret Erlingsdottir are two of the people to have already moved in to their new home at Tjarnabyggd: “Our overriding impression is that it is a beautiful place. It is peaceful and quiet and the birdsong and the floral scented air make the quality of life better,” Margret says. “This place gives us peace of mind and a new appreciation of life.”

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