Investing in Iceland’s natural beauty

Investing in land in Iceland is excellent value at the moment due both to lower prices and better foreign exchange rates. Add to this the natural beauty, fertile soil and purpose built plots on sale at Tjarnabyggd farm village, and the investment starts to look extremely tempting.

Tjarnabyggd is a fledgling community in the fertile and naturally stunning southwest of Iceland where families can buy plots of land for houses and small scale farms. A short drive from the major town of Selfoss, and connected to top quality, brand new infrastructure, Tjarnabyggd offers the best of all worlds.

As an investment opportunity in Iceland, plots of land at Tjarnabyggd make good sense – but it’s so much more than just an investment opportunity. Tjarnabyggd also makes a wonderful site for a new, and green, family home.

All the plots of land at Tjarnabyggd are powered with eco-friendly electricity and naturally heated water for space heating and for bathing. And those who invest in land in Iceland aren’t restricted to bathing indoors. Why not install a naturally heated hot pot outside and lie back in luxury to watch the amazing Northern Lights?

While hot water is extremely cheap and abundant, the cold water at Tjarnabyggd is also second-to-none – coming from age-old local springs in south Iceland, where heavy industry has never taken hold.

Tjarnabyggd is an ideal place to buy land for Icelandic horses. The entire community is knitted together with a network of top quality riding paths and easy access to stunning open countryside, equally appealing on horseback, on foot or on a bicycle.

But if all that sounds just a little bit too rural, remember that Tjarnabyggd boasts top quality medical care at the high-tech Selfoss hospital, regular direct international flights from the nearby Keflavik airport and the bright lights of the capital city less than an hour away.

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