Ambergreen examines McTwitterati

Digital marketing agency Ambergreen is conducting a social media experiment with Scottish Twitter followers at the inaugural Edinburgh Twestival.

Embraced not only by entrepreneurs and workers, Twitter is becoming increasingly important for big brands, such as with Dell, who recently announced they have generated over $1m in sales through the service.

On 12 February 2009 hundreds of cities around the world will be hosting Twestivals, bringing together Twitter communities for an evening of fun, all to raise money and awareness for Charity: water.

Ambergreen will be on hand to interview participants as they enter the Twestival for a special video that will be produced for distribution after the event.

By engaging with the very people who have embraced this rapidly growing micro-blogging service, Ambergreen aims to capture authentic insights into Twitter as well as producing facts and figures about the event.

Arranged in a matter of weeks by supporters of Twitter, the event is the first major offline gathering of the Scottish faithful, many of who have already engaged with each other on the social networking tool, but have never met in person.

Eliza Dashwood, Director of Sales and Marketing at Ambergreen said: “We are delighted to be sponsoring our local Twestival and know with the McTwitterati being so active it is sure to be a very special event.”

“All of us are great fans of Twitter, and we know how important it is for engaging with your peers and spreading information.”

Ambergreen has pioneered the use of social media by business and recognises how important Twitter is for any brand wanting to succeed online.

“From a marketing perspective Twitter is a fantastic way to engage directly with your customers with a transparency you just don’t get from other social media. You can choose who you want to follow and who is allowed to follow you, allowing for a very personal experience.”

“Big brands need to use Twitter and use it properly. If they just create a profile publishing links to new press releases the likelihood is people are going to switch off from it.

“But Twitter does have so much to offer and we believe there are five factors associated with social media like Twitter that will determine who will win in the digital landscape. Community, trust, permission, transparency and value.”

The Edinburgh Twestival takes place on February 12 from 7pm at the Hawke and Hunter. Go to for tickets and follow @EdTwestival for updates.

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