Search Engine Strategies conference in New York

The unbeatable event for search engine marketing and optimization is scheduled to take place in New York between March 23-27.

Search Engine Strategies (SES) will be holding its massive annual conference and expo in New York this March with hundreds of exhibitors and experts coming together to discuss the latest in search marketing technology.

Search Engine Strategies is an important series of worldwide conference and expo events designed to inform attendees about search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising strategies and tactics.

Delegates at the upcoming New York event will have the chance to network with one of the largest gatherings of search engine marketing professionals, in addition to attending the most comprehensive SEM/SEO learning opportunity in the US.

The impressive roster of speakers includes renowned experts from a huge sphere of Internet marketing fields as well as sales representatives from major online players like Napster. Speakers include Amanda Watlington, Kristopher Jones and Cindy Krum. The event is organized and hosted by world-renowned search authority Kevin Ryan.

Many specialized sessions on search engine marketing will be offered, such as ‘Brand and Reputation Management‘. Guest speaker Kristjan M. Hauksson, Director of Nordic eMarketing, and his colleagues will discuss whether its wise to use competitors’ trademarks in online advertising, what to do if your competitors are using your trademarks, and how to quash untrue online rumors before they cause harm.
The Search Engine Strategies conference and expo is geared towards online marketers, business owners, executives, webmasters and SEM/SEO and general web technology professionals.

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