‘Website Offers alternative to Local Directories and Search Engines’

Lepang Baker was getting tired of having to call many different numbers in the directory and scrolling through possible tens of search engine results whenever he needed a service .His frustration drove him to create a solution www.yobudget.com which is to be launched January 31st 2009.

The aim of the site is to help people and companies to save time & money by allowing
customers to post jobs that need doing at their desired budget and date for free and
receive quotes from relevant businesses/service providers. After service
providers/businesses provide their initial quotes, other interested businesses will enter
a bidding contest in attempt to win over the customer. The customer then chooses the

quote that suits their budget and (or) specification.

The site also allows businesses, tradesmen and professionals to get job free job leads
and build successful portfolios through robust rating and the two way feedback system
that lasts up to 6 months after the job is completed. ‘The robust two ways feedback tool

is to help customers and service providers make informed decisions ‘ added Lepang.

Both customers and businesses have an opportunity to be improving their performance rank
on the site’s ranking table which is updated every 24 hours. Businesses/service providers
get free unique customized profiles to showcase their work which can potentially improve

their chance to be chosen for the work which has a networking tool as an added advantage.

Lepang Baker of yobudget.com added ‘the site is free, really easy to use, saves time’ he
continued ‘ and with the trend decline of traditional directories and the undesirable

economic state, yobudget is can prove to be a very useful tool to use’.

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Speak: Lepang Baker
E-mail: lepang.baker@yobudget.com
Mobile: 07737954175


Notes to editors

• YoBudget.com is a social network aiming to connect people from any profession to
potential customers – and allows anyone who needs a job or service completing to find the
right partner at the right price. It was founded in 2008 by serial entrepreneur and BBC
Radio Tees Budget Panelist Lepang Baker. Yobudget.com is increasing very rapidly and
becoming very popular amongst users gaining ground on most web service providers.
• Please note that Yobudget.com is no way claiming to be a recruitment service.