Webhosting.uk.net launched by Webhost.uk.net.

Webhost.uk.net, a web hosting provider, today announced the official launch of its new web hosting service company, Webhosting.uk.net to the public. The company states that WebHosting.Uk.Net is its division and is specifically established for targeting the UK market with on-demand hosting services. It further states that it is targeting the UK market, by offering VPS and dedicated servers in UK from datacenter’s in UK. The parent company WebHost.Uk.Net is UK’s fastest growing domain registration, web hosting provider.

The company explains that all dedicated and VPS plans include SLA network uptime along with their expertise, with 24/7 live chat and ticket support. It claims that clients can choose hosting from Linux and Windows servers and their Dell branded dedicated servers come with a choice of managed or self-managed dedicated servers while all VPS servers are managed by the company.

Announcing this, the company spokesperson, Mr. Andrew Martin said, “We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new hosting site under the name webhosting.uk.net on the web aimed exclusively at the UK market. We’re proud to once again be leading the way in UK based hosting by offering the cheapest yet reliable, secure and quality VPS and dedicated hosting, with all plans providing 24/7 support.”


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