Staysure sees 300% increase in annual multi-trip policy sales for 2009

Contrary to the barrage of headlines suggesting that the travel industry is in trouble and UK citizens are planning stay at home this year, unwilling or unable to spend money on a holiday. Staysure’s sales figures for annual multi-trip (AMT) policies suggest their customers will not only be travelling but intend to take several trips over the next 12 months.

It is generally assumed that over 50s by definition are better off financially than the younger generation, with fewer financial commitments and no dependents therefore able to ride out the current financial hiatus. As an over 50s insurance specialist the majority of Staysure’s client base are senior citizens, therefore sales figures serve as an accurate barometer for this particular sector of the market.

Regular travellers are fully aware of the advantage of choosing annual travel insurance as opposed to covering each trip with an individual single policy but savings will only be realised if taking more than two trips throughout the year. Staysure can confirm that this generation not only has the means but also the inclination to continue travelling throughout 2009. Sales of annual multi-trip travel insurance policies in December 2008 saw 300% increase on the number of policies sold in December 2007.

Staysure’s increase in sales is not purely down to accident or client demographics. It is the correct mix of quality products, value for money prices and the ability to accommodate all ages, covering pre-existing illnesses for no extra cost up to age 80 and specialist medical travel cover for clients with more than one serious medical condition or aged between 80 and 85 years.

Olivia Skeen, Staysure’s marketing manager stated “Staysure customers have reached the age when they want to enjoy life and take advantage of the travel opportunities that weren’t available when they were younger. The credit crunch hasn’t stopped them spending, but they are spending sensibly, which is why Staysure’s sales are continuing to increase. Staysure are a safe pair of hands, providing quality and value for money.

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