Staysure raises bar and age limit for specialist medical travel cover

Once again Staysure has proved itself as a market leader raising the bar for other travel insurers to follow suit by providing cost effective travel insurance up to 85 and covering 99% of pre-existing medical conditions.

Gone are the days when senior travellers were excluded from travel insurance cover due to age limits, medical restrictions or exorbitant prices. A large proportion of Staysure’s customers are aged over 70 so the demand for affordable comprehensive medical travel cover at the senior end of the market has always been strong but is also constantly growing.

Until recently Staysure was one of the few insurers to provide specialised medical cover up to 80 years but reluctantly had to decline requests from older clients, leaving them to cope with the virtually impossible task of sourcing appropriate cover elsewhere.

Now due a new medical screening process, Staysure is able to provide travel insurance up to age 85 that covers 99% of medical conditions without breaking the bank. Furthermore up to age 80, over 250 minor ailments and any one of the six serious medical conditions are covered for free.

Olivia Skeen Marketing Manager of stated that “Before we had to turn customers away and they felt they were being discriminated against. Now the new screening process allows us to cover everyone up to 85 years old whether they have a medical condition or not. What’s more we have managed to implement all this whilst keeping our prices low”.

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