Leawo iPod Converter is updated to version 1.4 with better conversion quality!

Leawo Software Co., Ltd.: Leawo iPod Converter is updated to version 1.4 with the improved video encoding quality, faster H.264 video encoding speed and better menu deployment.

Version 1.4 of the converter is greatly improved in video encoding quality. Leawo iPod Converter is to convert popular videos to MP4 or MP3 for playing on iPod. In speaking of the video conversion, it can be roughly interpreted as two steps: video decoding and video encoding. The converter firstly decodes the source file you have imported into the program, and then encode it into the format you want. Version 1.4 of the program has itself greatly improved in video encoding compared with the previous versions. By consequence, it consumes less time in the conversion, saving users much time.

The output video quality is improved too. A faster video encoding speed is definitely not on a basis of quality losing. On the contrary, it has hugely improved the video quality, while earns a faster video encoding speed. Thus, this converter is not only free for use, but providing a superior video quality. By the video effect adjustment function on the program, users are able to adjust the video brightness, contrast, and volume to better the video quality.

H.264 video encoding speed is faster too. MP4 video with H.264 video codec is a popular video format supported by a wide range of players, from portable media players, cell phones, to desktop players, etc. H.264 encoded MP4 video files are well supported by iPod too. As it can win a better video quality with the same video size, iPod owners can make full advantage of this format to receive a super video enjoying while taking smaller storage space of the iPod. Plus, this converter provides a function to trim the video for a specific duration you want or of use to you for you to save space. Moreover, the video cropping function enables you to delete the black margins around the video and make it just the ratio of your iPod screen for a comfortable visual feeling.

Menu deployment is much more reasonable than ever. The product icon on the top left is a door to all the tools and properties of the converter. You may open and see all the advanced functions here. With the better deployed menu, users are clearer and will feel much more at ease when using the program to convert video to iPod for no time video enjoying on the iPod.

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