Link 200 from DMC Software Solutions is the Answer to Sage Software Retirement

The rapid evolution of software development means that all companies have to deal with the imminent redundancy of their essential programmes, Sage programmes, such as SalesLogix version 6.2, particularly being affected. DMC Software Solutions, a well respected Sage, Dell and Microsoft Gold Business Partner, have developed Link 200 as a solution.

As software evolves and develops junior versions are inevitably phased out and this is imminently true of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software SalesLogix version 6.2, by Sage, which has been surpassed many times over with the current version at SalesLogix 7.5. As version 6.2 is eliminated so is any relevant support and Application Integration Support (AIS) with Account software Sage MMS 2.2, now known as Sage 200.

This redundancy will be an issue for those using SalesLogix version 6.2 and AIS as they will either suffer with deleted integration between software or an unsupported version of SalesLogix. DMC Software have expertly created a link, in-house, between SalesLogix and Sage 200. Link 200 allows those companies with outdated software to benefit from the superb integration and the opportunity to enjoy the latest upgrade of SalesLogix and Sage 200.

Link 200 provides businesses with streamlined processes allowing efficient data sharing and faster administration freeing up time to focus on strategy and decisions. As of January 2009 a new version of Link 200 is available exhibiting the following familiar features and new additions:

• Integration between SalesLogix and Sage 200
• Correlation between accounts information and client history
• Full compatiblity with SalesLogix version 7.2.x through to 7.5.x
• Full drill-down on Sage 200 Sales & Purchase Orders from SalesLogix
• New SalesLogix “Price Enquiry” screen
• Notification of new Sales Orders/Customers/Stock Items via SalesLogix alarm and now email and SMS
• Additional event-driven, customisable notifications
• “Copy Opportunity” function for quick and easy processing of repeat orders

Link 200 really is the only answer for some companies requiring specific CRM and Accounts software integration or for those who will experience the software redundancy.

DMC Software offers bespoke CRM software solutions and financial software as well as professional services to all businesses, whether large or small. Exceptional customer service means that DMC Software will work with you to decide upon the best package and additional services ensuring your company is provided with the best tools to increase efficiency and profitability.

For more information about SalesLogix, Sage 200, Link 200 or DMC Software visit, email us or FREEPHONE 0800 6522 423 to speak to a member of the sales staff.

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