New Saving Strategy Helps Consumers Do The Unthinkable arguably the UK’s most informative ‘financial health’ website has unveiled a dynamic saving plan to help consumers do the unthinkable – save!

Since its launch last year has built a reputation for impartiality and just as important practical advice on how to improve desperate financial situations or just planning for a debt free future. This recent addition to the site, How to Save: 11 Saving Strategies gives the consumer a range of options even the most cash strapped will find useful.

When asked about the updated Savings Account section, manager, Marcus Doherty stated, “Lots of people are feeling very insecure at the moment because they have very little savings or none at all. Thousands of consumers have had to eat into their savings account just to pay the mortgage or buy groceries. Our 11 saving strategies has something for everyone and by adopting one of saving disciplines, your account will soon begin to flourish”. has also been busy looking at ways to get more money back into the public’s pocket. In the coming weeks, will be launching their Unfair Charges service to help consumers reclaim what’s rightfully theirs. Most people already know that banks have been taken to court over unreasonable overdraft charges, but little is known about Payment Protection Insurance, Mortgage Exit Fees and Unfair Credit Card charges – all of which can be reclaimed. knows exactly what can be reclaimed and will soon be ready to represent consumers in winning back their money.