UK government launches Next Generation Learning website

The brand new Next Generation Learning campaign website is part of Becta’s ongoing goal of helping learners, educators and parents to make the most of technology in the learning environment.

Becta, the UK government agency leading the national drive to ensure the effective and innovative use of technology throughout learning, has launched a new Next Generation Learning website as a resource in finding out more about the exciting ways technology is already being used by some schools and organisations to improve engagement, motivation and results.

One example is the John Cabot Academy in Bristol, where sixth formers teach software designers some tricks of the trade, and where students are using their PSPs (PlayStation Portables) in PE lessons to see how their long jump techniques compare to the professionals.

The Next Generation Learning website includes a postcode school tracker where parents can find out which schools in their area are using technology effectively. These are the schools that are already using technology to a high standard and have received the prestigious ICT Mark.

Research indicates that ICT Mark accredited schools are four times more likely to be rated as outstanding in the overall effectiveness category of Ofsted inspection reports. Pupils at ICT Mark schools are also more likely to achieve better results.

“We know that technology significantly improves results, yet despite this, only one in five schools and colleges are making the most of its potential,” says Stephen Crowne, Chief Executive of Becta. “Our children, and all other learners, deserve a truly outstanding education and in the modern world this means we need all schools and learning providers to become effective and innovative users of technology.”

The Next Generation Learning campaign will enable you to take charge and use technology to its full potential – if you’re a parent, it lets you get fully involved in your child’s education; if you’re a learner, it lets you learn how, when and where you want; and if you’re an employer, it helps you train your workforce efficiently and effectively. For more information go to the Next Generation Learning website.


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