TREX invites business groups to budget Iceland

Iceland has become a budget travel destination almost overnight. Tourists have flocked to the North Atlantic nation in droves for decades; but now they come for the shopping as well as the nature!

Are you a member of a sports club or a special interest group? Or do you handle events for your company, or some other organisation?

Do you want to glue the group together? Provide an incentive for better performance? Reward your group for a job well done? Go shopping? Grab an opportunity to visit an exotic location? Or perhaps something else altogether…

Iceland has been a destination of choice for many, but due to the extremely high standard of living there for many years, the cost of living has been very high and the currency overvalued, resulting in the country being one of the most expensive destinations in the world.

Due to its recent troubles – if there ever was an opportunity to experience Iceland for a few days or a week – it’s now! For overseas visitors it’s cheaper now than at any other time for decades. Also, despite it’s troubles, the country is fully functional and the infrastructure is still up and running, even though banking is still a bit slow.

The IMF and the other Nordic countries are responding to Iceland’s requests for help. Therefore things will start to improve fairly fast fairly soon – so there’s an opportunity open now which could close at any time.

If you want to take advantage of the situation, you should contact one of the local travel agencies with a good and long-standing reputation. One of these is TREX (Travel Experiences) which has been around for over thirty years and is more than ready and capable of helping you set up your itinerary for the experience of a lifetime in Iceland.

TREX can be contacted through the website or directly at info[at]


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