Natural slimming aid from arctic shellfish

A new natural weight management product called LipoSan Ultra uses modified chitosan from the arctic waters around Iceland.

LipoSan Ultra is a natural slimming aid which is made from shellfish caught by Icelandic fishermen in the cold waters of the North Atlantic.

The natural weight loss product uses chitosan, a dietary fibre extracted from the shells of the North Atlantic Coldwater Shrimp (Pandalus Borealis). The chitosan in LipoSan Ultra is scientifically proven to reduce body weight in humans as it works by binding with dietary fats in the digestive system.

In LipoSan Ultra the chitosan is modified and optimised to enhance its solubility and fat-binding performance. Succinic acid is incorporated into the chitosan to significantly alter its physical structure. The result is a highly integrated organic acid/fibre matrix that readily solubilises in the equivalent of stomach acid in less than 5 minutes. This is in comparison to regular chitosan that can take upwards of 2 hours to dissolve.

LipoSan Ultra is so soluble in the human digestive system that it can be taken at mealtimes, instead of 30 to 60 minutes before, like generic chitosans.

The natural slimming aid is an important new tool in the seemingly endless struggle for weight loss and will appeal to consumers looking for a natural weight management solution.

Visit the Liposan website for more information on LipoSan Ultra natural slimming aid.